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Whats going on in a Food Photograpaher's Mind ?

In this digital age, we all are very well versed with taking pictures , better to say, clicking pictures with our mobile cameras. If all of us can take pictures then why do we even need a photographer and pay his fees. Well lets find out below


There is a Platter with sanwiches and some fries on side, some props around them. Thats the Set

What you See :

Sandwiches , Fries, Props , a good angle and CLCK CLICK CLICK

What a Photographer See :

Composition :

  • whether the platter is aligned to the right position in the Frame

  • Whether sandwich and fries goes well together, should they be moved or separated

  • Should the fries be placed in a container or just on the side

  • Sandwiches are aligned properly with each other or not

  • Should these be stacked or placed in a tile fashion

  • how much of frame should be covered by Hero food

Lighting :

  • Are these adequate shadows to enhance the shape of product

  • Is every part of product lit properly

  • What will be best for sandwiches , a backlit or side lit picture

  • Are the highlights on the dip good

  • will user be able to see texture of product

Props :

  • Should a grill be used or a platter

  • Can I keep a dip or 2 dips

  • Should the Dip be placed in front of platter or on top of it

  • Can I use a fabric, will it improve overall feel of the frame

  • Are the props as per the mood board discussed with client

  • Are there too many props or less in the frame

Aspect Ratio

  • In what orientation and ratio the frame should be styled

  • What goes well for the customer for the intended purpose

and So Many other Styling & Tech Stuff to take care of with each image.

All this happens in FEW MINUTES and some times have to think of in seconds before the final shot

Do you think its worth to hire a professional if you are serious about your products. There is so much he does just to get a good quality image that you can be proud to share with your customers.


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