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My Photographic Story : Grenadine Syrup Drink

The purpose of this shot was to showcase the usage of product, which is Grenadine syrup.

Beverages are sometimes tricky to shoot as the freshness of the drinks last very less time.

In this photograph, the main food element is the Drink. It has to pop out in the entire picture.

While planning this shot, I had in mind few points to take care and these are :

  • Need to showcase the Ingredient of product, which is Pomegrante

  • The drink color should pop out in the picture

  • The condensation on the glasses must be visible.

  • A bright, natural look overall

Once the planning was done, and ingredients sourced, it was time to setup the background.

Since the color of drink is very bold and bright and hence I picked up a lighter background to make it pop. In this case, a white but textured background to make it look like a wall behind.

I have added a directional light from right to create a natural light effect. Added to that theme is a plant with leaves having shadows on the base.

The placement of glasses is such that they don't overlap each other from the point of view. Initially I just place the glasses until I complete the rest of set up. Next step is to identify the location of the Main product which is Syrup bottle. Since its a product shot we have to ensure that it will be visible properly in the final image and also not affecting the mood of the image.

Once the glasses and syrup bottle are placed and lights added. Now I started placing the pomegrate. Half cut piece in the background and small bits in the foreground. Thereby not making it prominent but at the same time adding to the frame where its visible.

I have added bar measuring cup and spoon to create a sense of bar drinks as the product is meant for mock-tails and cocktails.

Now comes the time for the Hero of the shot which is our drink. Poured the drink first in glass behind, so as to see how light behaves with color. Once that is setup added drink to the front glass and take couple of shots. If you see closely you can notice some condensation on the glass, its important as its a chilled drink.

Finally garnish the glasses with thin sliced lemons to add color to the overall image.

Hope you like this little story of behind the scenes of this photograph. Thought process and planning behind every shot is the key to create a good picture that finally gets attention of viewer

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