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My Photographic Story : Salad Shot

Salads have been very catchy food to my eyes and I am sure most of you as well. Not only they are healthy for our busy and tiring lifestyle but also because of the Colors.

In this photograph, the main food element is Salad. It has to pop out in the entire picture.

While planning this shot, I had in mind few points to take care and these are :

  • Ingredients of Salad must be very fresh

  • Color palette in the bowl should be attractive

  • Need to show the real texture of each ingredient of Salad if watched closely.

  • Bread can be a condiment for this dish

  • For freshness , adding some leaves or fresh ingredient helps

Once the desired ingredients are arranged, they must be preserved in proper environment to keep them fresh fro the photoshoot.

Specially in case of Salads its better to prepare the salad once you are done with al other setups.

Although the salad items look like random but these are placed manually to look them natural and ensuring that all items are visible in the way they should be.

Lighting play a crucial role in every photograph. Not only the styling has to be good but also the lighting which should match with the food and helps depict the texture of food properly. In this case a side lighting with a lower angle helps bring out the shadows in salad and hence the texture.

I used hands to show some movement in the shot and make it lively.

Hope you like this little story of behind the scenes of this photograph. Thought process and planning behind every shot is the key to create a good picture that finally gets attention of viewer

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