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My Photographic Story : Wraps

Wraps are one of the common and convenient food options. Good thing is that there are can be numerous ingredients that can be used to make a wrap. Its fast and easy to make once you have the ingredients.

However, for the photograph, these are very challenging. In fact all good looking food , they mak look as simple setup, but in order to achieve that look , there is a lot of effort that goes behind the scenes. I am just trying to share some thought process behind this shot.

In this photograph, the main food element is Wrap and its ingredients. It has to pop out in the entire picture.

While planning this shot, I had in mind few points to take care and these are :

  • It is required to have a restaurant like feeling

  • Ingredients of Wraps must be clearly visible.

  • Darker theme to create an moody ambience

  • Clean, non messy setup as if it is served fresh on table.

Arranging and preparing the ingredients was the most important step here. We want to show them as fresh and clearly in the shot. We can not just randomly pick some and add in wraps. They have to be picked piece by pice and selected some best of them.

Picking the Right ones, Preparing each individual piece, Styling them to look perfect

Styling takes a lot of time, so you will need some patience here. At the same time you can't take too long as otherwise food will start loosing its fresh look.

Normally, I do the setup first and just before I need the main food, I start preparing it so that it looks fresh on the set.

Now, the Setup. As I mentioned it has to look like a restaurant table setup. Hence I placed some cutlery in the background. A serving plate on right at back.

Lighting is such that the main focus is on our food element. Main light is from right side with a fill from front left. Background was illuminated with a little bit of light so as to show elements in the frame. Camera angle was that of a person having the food directly looking at wraps.

A dip is added in the foreground as condiment. Overall wooden background helps create the mood and the ambience around the food element.

Wraps are never easy to photograph but with some planning and patience, we can create some good looking images.

Hope you like this little story of behind the scenes of this photograph. Thought process and planning behind every shot is the key to create a good picture that finally gets attention of viewer

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