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My Photographic Story : Fresh Beetroot Crisps

In this article, I will explain how I took the shot and what goes in mind behind the styling. Will show you some behind the scenes shot of the setup. Lets dig into it.

The whole concept was to showcase the crisps made of fresh beetroot. From cutting of fresh beetroot to ready crisps.

Planning: While planning, firs thing that comes to mind is how we are going to present the ready crisps. So I decided to go with a basket full of crisps as it is served on a table. Props to be added later.

Overall theme selected was darker as it makes good contrast with beetroot color. Hence the dark base and background was selected. I added a wooden base to the basket to separate base from tray and also to add a plating kind of feel. moreover few pieces of crisps were planned to be spread to its good to have a wooden base rather than directly on black base.

2 pieces of good looking beetroot are cleaned and separately kept for background.

Preparation : While preparing the crisps it was carefully done so that the texture of crisps is visible. few Best pieces are selected out of the lot and separated as HERO pieces.


Now setup the basket. I filled the bottom of basket with paper as it is not visible. Only the top of basket has our HERO pieces arranged to look aesthetically better and natural. Once the basket is ready and placed on wooden base, few crisps are spread at specific positions. Important : use places that look natural as if they are dropped from basket above. A bit of salt is added

Props are added. Salt is added in foreground and a darker prop is added in background. Props should not distract viewers attention from the main food. fabric chosen was also darker shade and color matches the beetroot theme color

once the props are in place and main food is ready. Lighting is added. One of the main light was on the right for the ready crisps. one on left for the fresh cut beetroot pieces to highlight their texture. See the images below :

Behind the scenes of setup. See how the pieces of crisps are arranged using wire arrangement for the shot.

Finally, multiple shots are taken and the final image is created using a composite of 3 images for lighting of different areas.

Hope you like this little story of behind the scenes of this photograph. Thought process and planning behind every shot is the key to create a good picture that finally gets attention of viewer

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